Cata Ulloa, Costa Rica Wedding Designer, Mil Besos Costa Rica Wedding Designer, Mil Besos Costa Rica Costa Rica Wedding Designer, Mil Besos

What's your Story?

I’m Catalina (AKA Cata) designing with Mil Besos is my dream (not brown nosing it’s the truth!) I’ve lived a few different lives in my adulthood! I graduated hospitality school and moved to Atlanta to work in luxury hotels. I fell in love with Robert, my now husband, while in Atlanta and a year into our relationship he was transferred to Costa Rica. After doing the long distance thing for a while, I joined him in Costa Rica.

It was a total reset of my life. My anxiety melted away, I enjoyed nature and the ocean and really embraced the wonderful “Pura Vida” culture. I started working for a local flower shop designing weddings. Little did I know this wonderful part time gig would turn into something I am so deeply passionate about!

I love getting to know couples, I love that every wedding has its own personal touch and emotion. Every couple is different, every style is different and I am just here to help bring it all to life. My favorite part of my job is being a chameleon and adapting to a bride’s aesthetic; I love that moment where it all connects and the design falls into place Then the day comes when the designs come to life and it’s pure magic!

Favorite Moment of a Wedding?

During the wedding, when the bride is walking down the aisle, with all eyes on her, and her eyes on the groom.

Where can we find you in your free time?

When I got pregnant with my son Benjamin we moved back to the states, currently in South Florida. I am fortunate enough to work remotely from home and still maintain wonderful relationships with our vendors in Costa Rica. I don’t have much free time but find inspiration in my many roles: mother, designing beautiful weddings, and I also have a small Etsy shop that sells vintage and boho items.

Favorite destination in Costa Rica?

There are so many things I love about Costa Rica, it's not just a specific destination. I love the kindness of the people, the “go with the flow” mentality and the tropical paradise. I tried to never miss a sunset and I always loved hearing the monkeys calling to each other in the trees.

Favorite cocktail?

I don't discriminate, I like all cocktails really. In Costa Rica, I love Guaritos.