Our Approach

Together, we'll make your vision a reality

Our approach to planning your destination wedding experience is collaborative.  Each couple has their own unique style and together we make that vision a reality. We believe communication is key and forming a genuine relationship with our couples, guests, and vendors will result in a more enjoyable planning process for our couples as well as a more successful event.  

We adapt to your planning style. Want a BFF in Costa Rica to enjoy the planning process with? Let’s pour some bubbly and chat design!  Want a guide to lead the way? Or do you want to hire a professional to handle the details for you because your schedule is too full as it is?  We fill any of these roles and adapt to your needs.

We have built and continue to build strong relationships with the best quality vendors in Costa Rica. We focus on matching our couples with the right vendors to suit their style, budget, and personalities.  We have found this results in not only a successful wedding day, but friendships with vendors that we see continue for years via social media.

Our approach to design is that each wedding is unique.  We strive to create original designs with each event, that are authentic to the bride and groom.

Our online planning software and app with to-do lists, planning calendar, and social media style chat features makes planning your wedding step by step simple and easy to fit in planning around your life, ensuring no detail is overlooked on the road to Pura Vida.