Brittainy + Miles

This fun-loving couple from California is a great example of being yin and yang. They compliment each other in every way. Miles likes to work on house projects, tinker with cars, play video games, and anything competitive. He drinks whiskey and stouts, loves Marvel movies, and his favorite animal is a bear. Brittainy is ethereal and loves the little things in life. She is into photography, crafts, trying new restaurants, decorating, baking, and her favorite thing to do is to travel!

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Miles was so excited to share their love story with us. He said "We actually met by pure coincidence when she was dragged to a bar by a friend. When I walked in, I saw her and was immediately drawn to her energy and beauty. I was nervous to talk to her at first, but the ice was broken when her friend asked what I was drinking. After proper introductions, we started talking about travel and motorcycles and hit it off quickly, becoming very absorbed in conversation the entire rest of the night. When she finally had to leave, I built up the courage to ask for her number which to my happy surprise, she gave me. She agreed to meet up the next weekend with the understanding that we were just to be friends as she was not ready to pursue a romantic relationship at this point. I told her that that was fine as I didn't want to date anyone that I couldn't be friends with anyway and from that point on we became inseparable and eventually decided to rescind that platonic agreement."

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It didn't take long for Brittainy to share her love for travel with Miles. They went to Ireland for his first time out of the country and Miles said " I loved every moment and she loved showing me the ropes. We soaked in the laid-back culture, the gorgeous sights, and the challenge of navigating the countryside driving on the opposite side of the road than what we're used to. These moments really showed me that we could navigate anything together."

They had been all over together but had never had been to Costa Rica before. They wanted to plan a 10-day adventure to celebrate their love. When they contacted us they had so many ideas for the trip. They wanted to see Arenal, hike the waterfalls, go coffee tasting, visit the beach to take a boat tour, and stop in the rainforest for ziplining, rope bridge walks, and to see wildlife. They wanted to do it all, which is what drew them to elope in Costa Rica.

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Together we chose Sueno del Mar for their beach elopement venue because it was the intimate type of property they were seeking, and allows for great privacy during high tide. It is located on the rocky shoreline so marine life thrives here which makes it a great spot for snorkeling, which they wanted to do before the wedding day!

The morning of the elopement was simple and special. They enjoyed a beautifully colorful breakfast spread by the pool while watching the sun warm the sand. They enjoyed a relaxing couples manicure and pedicure, with waves crashing into the rocks nearby and birds singing sweet tunes overhead.

After lunch, they began getting ready for their ceremony. The stylist used a very natural look with Brittainy's make-up, with a light pink lip and her natural curls laying wispily on her shoulders. Her off-the-shoulder lace two-piece gown looked like it was made specifically for her. The top was an intricately laced crop top and she wore a pleated flowy skirt on the bottom. She topped off the romantic boho bridal look with a tropical floral crown that matched her bouquet.

Miles dressed in his crisp white shirt and khakis with burnt orange suspenders and a fun pink polka spotted bow tie. He waited poolside for the first looks with the bride, and he was beaming, his smile was so bright. You can really feel the love that Miles has for Brittainy in the way he lights up when you even talk about her. The couple headed to the green garden to start the first look. They both hid their faces behind giant tropical leaves with "hello gorgeous" and "hey handsome" written on them. With a quick count down they both giggled and dropped the leaves to see each other in their wedding attire for the first time. It was such a joyful experience for us to watch too!

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After a few photos around the boutique hotel, they headed down to the shoreline to the elopement ceremony. It was an intimate beach wedding with simple yet elegant props like a driftwood arch and a floral mandala created with tropical flowers. We brought Brittainy's vision to life with bright and colorful boho vibes and semicasual formality. After a few simple and sweet vows, they sealed the deal with a kiss! They strolled down to the beach and relaxed in a hammock with drinks and appetizers to soak in the special moments of the sunset.

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For dinner, we arranged a candlelit dinner tucked into the trees, with hanging lights in trees overhead. They shared so many laughs as they reminisced on all the many moments that brought them to this day.

After their beach elopement, we planned a honeymoon exploring more of what Costa Rica has to offer. First, they visited Monteverde to see the famous cloud forest. They stayed at the Monteverde Cloud Forest lodge which has stunning views. By day, they explored the hanging bridges and took a thrilling zipline ride to get a new perspective of paradise.

We arranged transportation to cross the lake and on the boat between Monteverde to la Fortuna. In La Fortuna, they stayed at the luxurious Tabacon Resort to enjoy the hot springs there. During their time in La Fortuna, they took a locally guided hike around the La Fortuna waterfall followed by a coffee and chocolate tour to taste some of the specialties of Costa Rica. The entire trip was unforgettable and the perfect escape from a hard year that 2020 brought. Congrats Brittainy and Miles. We can't wait to hear about the many more adventures that await.

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