Kristen + Casey

Costa Rica was always on the to-do list of destinations for this adventurous couple. Kristen said “We’ve always been drawn to Costa Rica. We wanted to go somewhere where we could surf, go zip lining, and have a more eventful type of celebration.” However, believe it or not, this dreamy Cala Luna wedding was not what they originally planned.

bridal morning dress hanging up
When imagining their perfect wedding this couple hadn’t always pictured an intimate family wedding. Kristen said “We went back and forth quite a bit on what type of wedding we wanted to have. Casey really wanted to elope so we started to plan that. Then two months before the wedding, we started missing our families while abroad and quickly realized how important it was for us to have our family there too." She contacted us and we immediately made all of the changes.
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The guest list now jumped up to 12. We invited the parents, siblings and grandparents then planned everything for them - from transportation to accommodation and every meal in between. This made it such an easy decision and took all the stress away.
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Celebrating with the people they love in the destination of their dreams, the happy couple is thrilled with the overall decision of not having a traditional wedding. Everything from the price to the stress levels is a lot lower when planning a destination wedding Kristen says, “I’d make the same decision a million more times.”
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The morning of the wedding was super causal. The bride wore a Katie May gown with an elegant up-do and the groom wore a blue Hugo Boss suit. Both went barefoot for most of the wedding day adding to the laid back feel of the wedding.

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The Cala Luna is an awesome wedding venue located on a secluded slice of pristine beach called Playa Langosta, just a few steps from the Pacific Ocean known for some of the most spectacular sunsets. We loved every detail of this wedding from the florals to the reception.
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Kristen and Casey had a wonderful Langosta beach ceremony, and even though mother nature didn’t cooperate adding a slight rain shower, this wonderful couple continued through the ceremony and photo shoot with the Costa Rican “pura vida” attitude before heading back to the celebrations!
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sunset on the rocks in costa rica

Kristen shared some advice for other brides planning their perfect destination wedding. “Listen to people, but remember that trying to please everyone will drive you to the brink of insanity. In the end, I know that I would have gone crazy trying to plan a big wedding we didn’t want in order to please everyone around us,” she says. “Overall, though, have FUN with it. Don’t begin your marriage in a financial hole you created to make other people happy. I strongly suggest using a wedding planner for a destination wedding if you’ve never visited the location before. Meghan really gets all of the credit for the planning. We didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

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