Avery + Collin

First off, we have to say we loved this bride from the start! Avery has a super happy personality, very sweet, very go with the flow but proactive and likes to get things done. Collin seems really great too. He is laid back and open, he was super supportive through the many changes and so calm and cheerful when making decisions. They both had positive vibes about planning their wedding during the pandemic and they were a pleasure to plan with.

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Like many of our couples, they absolutely love to travel, and when they are not on a trip, they are planning the next one. They are always searching for the next big adventure to share with their loved ones. So planning a destination wedding was a given.  They met through mutual friends and became really good friends first. After about three years, they finally decided to date and as they said “the first date was cake!”

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The engagement was definitely on Avery’s radar. She knew she wanted to marry Collin from the first few dates. However, he still managed to surprise her. On the first stop of a Euro trip, they arrived in Amsterdam. They went out on a friend's boat to explore the canals and they had the perfect set-up with cheese, crackers, wine and a completely picturesque day. A little ways down the canal, Collin asked Avery to stand up. Assuming he wanted to take a photo, Avery jumped up without question. It was then that he looked at her in the eyes, got down on one knee and popped the question in one of the most romantic ways. In the moment he asked, confetti came flying down from the sky. Avery looked up to see her friend Marc standing on the bridge above capturing the entire moment through his photographer lens. Avery said “Of course, I said yes but I kind of blacked out in excitement, so I made him repeat everything that he had said later on at dinner! It was very extra in the best way possible!” - How thoughtful is that! This couple was a match made I heaven.

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They are both pretty active and social. They are self proclaimed big adrenaline junkies. Collin recently hiked Kilimanjaro and Avery would jump out of a plane any chance she gets. Avery regularly practices yoga while Collin loves participating in Iron Man challenges. Together they like hiking, cooking, and trying new foods from around the world. They are also very friend-centric and social, they are constantly at group gatherings or on double dates and had so many people to add the the guest list. They also had a big wedding party with friends that we swore looked like paid models!

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When we started planning the wedding with Avery, she knew exactly what she wanted. She really wanted to embrace the colors that surrounded the venue naturally while also incorporating pops of fun, bold, and tropical colors. This chic bride wanted a boho, beachy and colorful wedding on the shore in Costa Rica. Since they had started planning pre-pandemic, she wanted the event to be relaxed, candid, warm, inviting and charming but with an essence of bungalow vibes. We incorporated lots of palm leaves and native florals into the design. As well as beachy boho touches like vintage bohemian rugs, macramé, and shells. We lit everything with candlelights and bistro lighting in the evening to make it really romantic and make sure to keep everything more timeless than trendy. Since they are big foodies - for the dinner, Avery wanted an island food in a buffet style. Something that felt local and fresh. The venue they choose does a great job with catering offering choices for all of their diverse guest list.

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When we asked what the couple loves most about each other the answers were adorable. Avery said she loves Collin's huge heart and his loyalty to those that he's close to. She said "He is the most easy going person and his sense of adventure is contagious. He is the kind of person you just want to be around and nobody makes her laugh more often than he does." Avery had found a catch, and marring him was a dream come true. Collin said he loves Avery's kind heart, easy disposition and sense of adventure. He said “we could be watching a movie or sailing in Thailand and it wouldn't matter, I just love being around her.” - This love is so apparent the these photos. They are just so smitten with one another, you can't unsee it!

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We always ask the couple what they are looking forward to about marriage and Avery responded “Tax breaks - KIDDING! We've already built a strong foundation for ourselves through our similar life philosophies, a solid basis of friendship and a shared sense of adventure. We both believe that marriage will help us to further that foundation. Starting a life together means starting a family together, and we're also both looking forward to making it more official by committing to one another for life.” What a great answer! We have no doubt this marriage will be filled with travel and adventure for the rest of time.

Avery + Collin