Stacie + Andy

Intimate Topical Wedding


We often hear that some couples are partially motivated for a destination wedding because of how chilly they are at home in U.S.A. & Canada! A bright, colorful, intimate tropical wedding will surely fight off that winter chill, and Stacie & Andy's wedding is exactly that!

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Stacie & Andy are definitely a fun-loving pair and we love seeing their Instagram posts (I recall a Simon & Garfunkel costume this past Halloween that had me cracking up!) They know exactly how to balance their love for life and adventure with their love for stability and the simple things.

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Balancing a great sense of humor, Stacie also has great attention to detail. For example, she went all out on the welcome bags! Stacie is the absolute QUEEN of welcome bags. Frequently when brides ship us welcome bag items they are sort of tossed into a box, and it's up to us to sort it out and arrange different bags for singles, doubles, etc.. no biggie - that's what we're here for! Not Stacie. I think I heard beautiful music and saw bright lights beaming from the box as I opened that package to see labeled, well packaged and protected items with printed materials clean and crisp in protective folders, etc. Complete with an inventory list and rooming list checklist with items. Her effort paid off as the bags were beautiful, and the contents were well thought out. I'm sure her guests appreciated that touch upon arrival. Queen of Welcome Bags, am I right? (But don't worry if that's not your thing - we're happy to organize those details for you!)

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Stacie & Andy did a First Look at their hotel, Tamarindo Diria, to have a few moments alone before the ceremony. Always a sweet touch! Stacie's dress was gorgeous on her and I loved her choice of including bright flowers in her hair.

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Monkeys quietly filled the trees overhead during the ceremony and at the end, when Stacie & Andy were announced by Ana as Mr & Mrs, the monkeys all broke out howling as the guests clapped. One of the most dramatic - and loudest - ends to a ceremony I've ever seen!  The monkeys also chimed in later to heckle Stacie's stepfather's during his toast... fortunately he had a sense of humor!

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It was a warm and humid day, so fans were placed on ceremony seats for guest use. And chilled cocktails in coconuts cooled guests down following the ceremony while enjoying the monkeys, sunset, and photos.

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Intimate Tropical Wedding Sneak Peek dinner decor

Cata and Stacie crafted a tropical wedding design style with a modern touch by using the garland style centerpieces and the dip-dyed tassels on the napkins. I loved the unexpected blue on the tassels and print materials that complemented the bright colors of the tropical flowers. Cata loves working with the design for colorful weddings so this was a favorite of hers from our 2016 events.

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Stacie's cake is definitely one of our favorites of the year. Sometimes we send bakers very specific design with images, colors, and instructions but in this case, Stacie knew the elements she liked and trusted Victoria to execute it. It was a challenge, with several focal point elements (white dots, gold edges, bold flowers, and a large cake topper), but Victoria Zoch pulled these details together more beautifully than I think any of us imagined. Really beautifully done, Victoria! The cake topper that Stacie brought says Lots & Lots, Tons & Tons. For these two, it's definitely lots & lots of love, and tons & tons of laughter forever.

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Intimate Tropical Wedding Vendors

Photography: Sylvia Guardia
Day of Planner: Sol
Wedding Planner: Our Costa Rica Wedding
Accommodations: Tamarindo Diria
Dessert: Victoria Zoch
Guitar: Ricardo Fonseca
Rentals: Los Primos