Brianna + Robert

We had the absolute pleasure of orchestrating Brianna + Robert's Jungle lush elopement in the stunning Northern Highlands of Costa Rica, La Fortuna. Their ceremony took place underneath the breathtaking La Fortuna Waterfall, a location that perfectly encapsulated the natural beauty and vibrant energy they sought for their special day.

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For accommodations, they enjoyed the unique Nayara Tent Camp, offering a relaxed and nature-infused setting that aligned seamlessly with the couple's vision.

getting ready bride and groom

Brianna, our laid-back and adventurous bride, added a unique twist to her attire by pairing hiking boots with her high-collared, backless white dress. The result was a timeless yet grounded aesthetic that perfectly mirrored their love story.

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The bridal bouquet was a vibrant masterpiece, showcasing an array of deep tropical colors with flowers like birds of paradise, flamingo lilies, orchids, ginger, and lush foliage like monstera leaves.

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After getting ready separately and sharing an intimate first look, the couple made their way down to the base of the waterfall. Meeting at this picturesque spot, they exchanged their handwritten vows enveloped by the lush jungle surroundings and refreshed by the mist from the waterfalls.

Photoshoot waterfall groom and bride

Brianna + Robert's elopement was an ethereal experience, a celebration of the pure and wholesome essence of their union. The ceremony concluded with drinks prepared for toasting, providing the perfect opportunity for them to savor their seamless experience together, free from any interruptions. Congratulations to these newlyweds on their unforgettable journey to love in the heart of the jungle!

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