Mimi + Greg

This love story started as a college romance and turned into a life filled with adventure. From biking in Provence to exploring Martha's Vineyard, they never turned down an opportunity to experience something new. Mimi and Greg shared their love for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and had even visited the set together too. They have been snorkeling and swimming with giant manta rays. They have explored new countries. They have gone through many stages of life together, even moving to different cities - which they say was the craziest adventure of all.

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Now they are finally cozy at home where they love playing board games, working out, watching sporting events, hosting parties, and entertaining. They love their little family which includes Janet, their mini poodle they inherited from the bride's late twin sister.

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The engagement was really something special and happened while on a family trip in Bhutan. Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. It has stunning views and is known for the monasteries, fortresses called dzongs, and dramatic landscapes. There is diverse geography that ranges from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. Mimi + Greg were craving some more adventure and took a hike to a monastery. During the hike, Greg stopped under a historic tree and SURPRISE he popped the question.

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Mimi immediately said yes! She told "Greg is so kind, he has always says we and us :). He believes in me and I knew I wanted to spend forever with him." Greg knew he wanted Mimi to be his wife because he said "She had such an easy-going attitude, was friendly, sweet, kind, and sincere. They were always laughing and never turning down an adventure."
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When it came to planning their Las Catalinas beach wedding. Mimi described her dream wedding as enchanting, but not in a fairy tale, garden party way. Instead, she wanted a tropical boho chic kind of magical. She said she wanted to be sure nothing felt stuffy. Just classy, but not too formal and still refined.
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Mimi picked her colors carefully for a vibrant tropical palette. We used plenty of green as a base for a variety of orange, raspberry, pink, and purple hues. Natural wood furniture, mixed with white linens were used to have a neutral base and allow the flowers to really pop. Gold details were used to keep the overall feel up-scale.
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The ceremony was on a private area overlooking the water. The ceremony was thoughtful and was not too long so the guests did not have to sit in the Summer heat. After the big kiss, everyone walked down the cobblestone streets with coconuts in hand to the reception area. We set out beautiful lounge areas where everyone could mingle and relax.
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At night, we focused on lighting to set the mood and create that laid back atmosphere. One of our favorite parts of this wedding was the music! Mimi loved a band from the US and flew them over for her special day. It was absolutely worth it! Every single guest was out on the dance floor dancing the night away.

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Good music, great food, and impeccable design was top priority for these two. One thing that they didn't want was an expensive or flashy cake. Instead, they chose to feature Greg's favorite dessert, Donuts, at the late-night snack!

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We asked these two what they were looking forward to the most about being married. They said, "Living life with my favorite partner, traveling more, and having kiddos." Such a perfect answer. We know it will be a beautiful life full of adventures for these two! Congrats M+G!
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