Cindy + Ryan

Cindy and Ryan are an adventurous couple. They loved trying new foods from all over the world from pho, greek, dim sum, Ethiopian, and Indian. They spent their first dates exploring the food scene around them and becoming closer with every bite!

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They are both bubbly and extrovert which made them so easy to be around. They never took life too seriously and really knew how to bring the best out of one another. They can often be found singing and dancing in the kitchen, traveling the world, or snuggling their cats Kali and Layke while watching musicals together on the couch. They fell in love with each other's passion for music, performing, and willingness to try new things. The song "our house" was the first song they sang together and they still perform it at the old folks' home they have entertained in for over 8 years!

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Their first big trip was to L.A, they bonded so much on that trip they knew a life together would be filled with fun and laughter. From there they went surfing in Hawaii, ate their way through Singapore, and tied the knot in Costa Rica.

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For their big day, this couple wanted an intimate wedding with a zen atmosphere on the beach in Costa Rica. They described their wedding vision as calming, dreamy, rustic, and magical. We knew just what they wanted and were excited to create a design together.  We used light-colored wood complimented with warm earth tones to create a beachy rustic feel. We made sure everything felt very casual, relaxed, and whimsical. We focused on using only whites, beige, light sand, and oatmeal-colored fabrics. The light-colored driftwood really popped at the ceremony and in the dinner decor.

costa rica bbq on the beach

For the cocktail hour, they originally wanted the Chinese wish lanterns but those are dangerous for nearby communities and wildlife. So we came up with a creative alternative. Guests wrote messages on ribbons, which were tied to the kites and flown on the beach, and afterward, we collected the ribbons and saved them for the couple to keep. It was a unique alternative guestbook idea that fit this wedding perfectly! This way the couple got to keep the messages on the ribbons rather than them just floating away on the wish lanterns.

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For the dinner, everyone sat on pillows in the sand tucked into the trees. They found their seats by looking for their names printed on driftwood on the plates.  It was really laid back and different. The night transformed with magical little hanging lights of all kinds that created a cozy feel for the big day. The dinner was delicious and the bride's mom made an extra special fried noodle dish that everyone loved.

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Rustic Boho Beach Wedding Menu

Appetizers: Guacamole with Chips and Pan-Fried Gyozas
Entrees: Beef Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce, Grilled Marinated Portobello Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs, + Fish with Basil Pesto
Sides: Sautéed Vegetables with Basil Pesto, Mixed Green Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Fried Noodle Dish.
Dessert: Ice cream Floats with Root beer or Ginger ale and Fresh fruit with fresh mint

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There was also a beachfront bonfire under the stars for smores and great music played while everyone danced the night away. It was a night that no one would ever forget!

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