Nataly + Scott

Sueno Del Mar Bed and Breakfast Wedding

Nataly and Scott are an active couple. They like bike rides, boating, fishing, and most importantly spending time with family and friends. They loved going to Costa Rica. They described the atmosphere here as chill and calm wth plenty of opportunities for adventure. They love anything with nature and water so having a beachfront wedding as the perfect fit for them and their family.

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The start of this love story happened in the most magical place on earth - Disney in Orlando! What a fun place to meet. They spent most of their dating life exploring and saying yes to every new adventure.
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The engagement was 100% a surprise and had such a cute story. Nataly explains it all. She said "I took Scott to Costa Rica to meet my family. We were there for 6 days and I took him to a cliff in Playa Hermosa near Jacó. On the bottom of the cliff, on the rocks, there was a billboard that said "would you marry me?" in Spanish. Scott had no idea what that meant because he doesn't read Spanish but I told him. The next day he took me there to "take some more pictures" and that's when he proposed to me! He then told me that even though he had no idea what the billboard said - he felt it was a BIG sign from God. It was so special."
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It was not always an easy relationship for these two, but they stayed strong no matter the struggle. The day after they got engaged, Nataly went back to Costa Rica where they had a long-distance relationship for two years. Long-distance is hard. She said, "That time was painful because we used to do everything together but it also helped us appreciate the time that we share now."
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Scott visited Costa Rica every month that they were apart and sometimes they would meet somewhere else in the world, experiencing new cultures and doing different things helped keep their spark for life and love alive.
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We asked them what made the perfect partner. Nataly replied "I think someone to lean on, someone you can laugh, hang out, love, share, and do all the things with. Someone who shows their love and dedication daily. Also a forever workout partner. haha."
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The kind of wedding they wanted was clear - warm, tropical and the most important part was fun! The bride said "We just want to have a good time with both families. This is the first time they are going to meet so we want it to be a warm and welcoming party. Just eating good food, having drinks, dancing and celebrating life in Costa Rica. I am so excited to share my home with his family."

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Family was so important to these two. We are very close to both sides of the family. They wanted to incorporate as much culture as they could into the big day. They said the both were looking forward to bringing their families closer through out this entire experience.

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We started creating her vision. We started playing up the tropical vibes with lights, leaves, coconuts, and some flowers! Greys, whites, and black were a good base for the color scheme. Then we wanted to use their favroite colors in the wedding too - blues and greens for a pop of color. We tried to use as many organic materials as possible in the decor. Anything clean, fresh, and minimalistic.

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For the reception, we had bonfires and fire dancing. As well as a Comparsa troupe dancing group. Comparsa dancers, are also known as Carnivale dancer. They are a group of singers and dancers who bring a Carnival experience to a party. We loved their vibrant colorful attire and the energy they brought to the dance floor. After that everyone was up and ready to dance! The rest of their night was a true party!

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Carnivale is a group of singers dance
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