Travel Requirements


We are so excited to welcome you to Costa Rica!

This page is to share with you the current requirements for flying into Costa Rica and flying home.  This page is regularly updated to show any changes in travel requirements.

Entrance Requirements

The entrance requirements to Costa Rica and other countries vary depending on what country you are from. Visas need to be considered when traveling from some countries.  Information can be found in the links below:

Traveling to Costa Rica:

  • Information for entering Costa Rica can be viewed on this link and also on the Embassy website.
  • Please note: if you are a U.S. Passport holder, a U.S. Passport Card is not sufficient for international flights, you need a Passport Book.  You can read about the differences of a Passport Card vs a Passport Book on this link.
  • There are no COVID-19 specific travel requirements for entry to Costa Rica (all restrictions were lifted in 2022).
  • Vaccination is not required for entry to Costa Rica.
  • It is recommended (not required) that travelers consider purchasing travel insurance.

During travel in Costa Rica:

  • Vaccination is not required for your stay in Costa Rica. There was a vaccine mandate with voluntary participation by businesses for entry to their place of business but it ended in March 2022.

Traveling back to your home country:

    • For those returning to any other countries: please check with your embassy for entrance requirements.

We hope this information is helpful in preparing for your trip!  Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to make your experience in Costa Rica an unforgettable one!