Monteverde Weddings

Monteverde is a district of the Puntarenas canton, in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. It is located in the Cordillera de Tilarán mountain range, approximately a four-hour drive from the Central Valley. Monteverde is one of the country’s major ecotourism destinations because of the wide range of animals and plants native to its rainforests. The road to Monteverde can be a bit intimidating but is totally worth the effort. As you wind past a backdrop of the Tilarán Mountain Range, the views of the lush green hills and pristine valley below are phenomenal, and there are plenty of opportunities along the way to pull over and soak it all in.

Explore the Cloud Forest via a series of hanging bridges, serene nature walks, hiking, and horseback riding trails that wind through the magnificent Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, which spreads over 14-thousand hectares just a 15-minute drive from the town of Santa Elena. Hundreds of animals live in this area including monkeys, deer, bats, wild cats, and birds such as the famous Quetzal. This is one of the few remaining habitats in the world that supports all six species of the cat family! In addition, there are coffee, sugar cane, and chocolate tours where you can learn about the local culture. There is also a wonderful hummingbird garden in Selvatura Park near Santa Elena, where these majestic birds fly freely from feeder to treetop around visitors watching wide-eyed in amazement.

Monteverde has venues for small or large guest lists. El Establo is a mountain hotel located in the heart of Monteverde with 150 acres of Cloud Forest Preserve surrounding it. Monteverde Lodge and Gardens is the most upscale lodge in Monteverde. It is only 15 minutes from the Cloud Forest! Hotel Belmar is one of the region’s original hotels as it was the secoond hotel in the area and has been loved by guests for 30 years! They have consistently won awards for sustainability and are always upgrading. We have planned a simple ceremony within the trails of a secluded park in this area, taking advantage of the stunning views for the backdrop as the couple exchanged vows. That couple even ziplined with their guests immediately following the ceremony, and yes the bride ziplined in her wedding gown!

Weddings We've Planned in Monteverde