OHhouse Weddings

Untouched nature, wild howler monkeys, and a sunrise that you can see at the OHHouse. The OHHOUSE is the ideal place to retreat, recharge your batteries, get creative, and feel closer to nature again. The light-filled minimalist house made of wood, concrete, metal, and glass is built on stilts and merges with the branches and crowns of the surrounding trees at a height of seven meters. The architecture of the accommodation is designed so that the guests can not only look at the jungle but feel like they are a part of it. For example, three out of four walls in the bedrooms are completely glazed, instead of a concrete ceiling, wild plants in the courtyard provide shade, and even the glass front in the living area can be opened to combine the terrace, infinity pool, and lounge into one large space. The deep connection with nature is reflected not only in the design but also in the holistic sustainability concept. Solar panels on the roof generate electricity, and the infinity pool contains salt water instead of chlorine.