Chinese Door Games for a Wedding

Keeping wedding traditions from your culture alive is important to many families on their big day. The Chinese community has had the tradition of playing Chinese Wedding Door Games the morning of their ceremony for many years. These games make the special day even more memorable by bringing laughter to everybody and really connecting the couple.

What are Chinese Door Games? This Chinese wedding tradition consists of amusing games that the groom has to complete to prove his love for the bride. The bridesmaids have the task of coming up with the games and the groomsmen stand beside the groom while completing the test. 

Having trouble coming up with what games to play? Do not worry, we will help you discover some of the most fun games that you can play on your big day!

throwing money in the door cantaneese tradition

No Money, No Honey
This tradition is the most practiced game! Red is good luck in Chinese cultures. The groom is to put money into a red envelope and offer it to the bridesmaids to be accepted as a good suiter for the bride. Since he is not supposed to see the bride, grooms often throw the money in the door as an exciting twist to the game!

red money envelope Q&A

In this game, the groom has to answer questions that are made up by the bridesmaids or the bride’s family. If the groom guesses incorrectly, he is challenged by being told to do push-ups. If the groom answers several questions correctly, he will finally be able to see his bride. 

Declaration of Love Chinese wedding games

The Four Flavors of Life
The Four Flavors of Life is a fun game to test if the groom is ready for the reality of marriage. With marriage comes moments of different flavors- sweet, spicy, sour, and bitter. Have the groom taste food or drink of these different flavors – and make sure they are potent! The groomsmen and family get to sit back and laugh while watching the groom’s face while tasting the flavors!

Chinese Door Games strength taste questions

Declaration of Love
To prove to the bride his everlasting love, the groom has to write either a song or poem that he has to perform. If the bride is convinced of the groom’s love, then he wins her over! 

These are just a few fun ideas to incorporate into the wedding morning. Looking for more information on Chinese Wedding Traditions? Check out this blog! Have another game idea? We would love to hear from you! Drop us a comment below.

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