Thia + Dwayne


Thia and Dwayne traveled from Saint Thomas to Costa Rica to attend a retreat in Miramar. They contacted us because wanted to have a waterfall wedding ceremony during a break day in that retreat and they decided on May 17th, since 7 is the number of God. This was significant to the bride and it aligned well with her travel dates.


It was a simple but beautiful day. The weather was perfect and cool even though we had prepared for rain. We made sure to have a backup plan just in case but we are so glad that it didn't because Thia had been dreaming of a waterfall elopement.  We had some concerns about road closures for their route, as well as what to do in case of rain, but fortunately, the roads and weather cooperated on the actual wedding day!  We helped her pick out the perfect purple and white bouquet with a boutonniere to match, selected a location and a backup location in case of rain, and helped her choose a photographer and an officiant who matched her sweet and spiritual ceremony vision.


We arranged for a driver to pick up the couple and take them to the Llanos del Cortes waterfall. They were led down the very easy path down to the waterfall. Once you reach the bottom of the trail, you’ll see why Llanos de Cortez is considered to be one of Costa Rica’s secret gems. The falls are wide and wispy, with thin streams of water tumbling along the mossy rocks. Rocky cliffs are visible through the transparent cascade and there are thick forests that surround the falls with many tropical birds and sometimes even monkeys swinging from the trees.


Thia and Dwayne invited Thia's sister and her boyfriend to join them for the ceremony. Thia's sister played a part in the ceremony by making a small speech which made everything feel more intimate and special. Before exchanging vows Dewayne dropped down to one knee to make a proposal. They have never really had that picture-perfect moment and figured this was a fun little surprise! It made everyone laugh and giggle just before they swapped very touching vows in a sweet spiritual ceremony. After the big kiss, they all signed the wedding certificate to make everything official.


After the ceremony, they explored around the falls. They climbed with a big tree that hangs over the water and danced in the pool of the falls. It was a blissful experience. They soaked in every moment before heading back up the trail to the car we had arranged to pick them up for dinner as Mr. and Mrs. ! Congrats you two!