Bagaces Weddings

This Costa Rican waterfall is located just north of Palo Verde National Park near the town of Bagaces in Guanacaste, the capital of the region. Bagaces lies around 20 miles from the western shore of Lake Arenal and is a perfect example of the kind of town that can be found all over Costa Rica. With friendly, welcoming locals and picturesque views of the Guanacaste countryside, Bagaces is an ideal place to stop, and enjoy a cold drink on your way to Liberia or the province’s national parks.

Llanos del Cortés is a hidden gem with rocky cliffs to climb and a sandy beach along the pool for swimming at the base of the waterfall. This waterfall is less than 2 hours from the coastal beaches of Tamarindo, Flamingo, Playa Conchal, and Playa Hermosa. These falls are also a great stop for those traveling between the mountain towns La Fortuna and Monteverde and the coastal beach towns.

Llanos de Cortes is a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony. We have planned weddings and elopements at this waterfall. This stunning location is unlike any other!