Corinne + John

Corinne + John's waterfall elopement was nothing short of magical, a surreal experience that beautifully echoed the vibrant, natural energy they exude as a couple. Join us in witnessing this unforgettable event as these two journeyed to find their wedding bliss at Llanos del Cortes Waterfall.

bride and groom llanos del cortes waterfall

Situated in the charming town of Bagaces in Guanacaste, Llanos del Cortes provided the perfect canvas for an intimate wedding. Nestled beneath the cascading waters, surrounded by the lush jungle, the scene was set for a day filled with unity and love. The weather, playing its part flawlessly, offered a warm sun filtering through the trees and a refreshing breeze from the mist of the waterfall.

bride groom ceremony waterfall

The wedding decor was intentionally minimalistic, allowing the inherent beauty of nature to take center stage. Asymmetrical gold pillars embellished with greenery and warm-hued flowers created a simple yet stunning altar. Floating candles lined the sandy aisle, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere of the celebration.

end of ceremony waterfall llanos de la cortes

Corinne + John exchanged handwritten vows, their connection evident through smiles and tears of joy. The groom sported a classic linen suit and matching cap, which perfectly complemented the bride, whose long veil gracefully trailed behind her on the sandy surfaces. Embracing the Pura Vida spirit, she chose to don flip flops and go barefoot, embodying the carefree essence of our adventurous brides.

photoshoot after ceremony waterfall

Our favorite highlight? When the fearless bride hiked her dress, wading through the waterfall to perch on a fallen tree trunk. Hubby, always up for an adventure, joined in, resulting in these jaw-dropping shots. Their newlywed photoshoot authentically captured the essence of their adventurous spirit and love.

bride and waterfall photoshoot

Corinne + John's elopement was truly an unforgettable experience, wrapped in sunshine and warmed by the mist of the Llanos del Cortes Waterfall. Cheers to your lifetime of adventures together ahead!

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