Amanda + Ryan

This is a modern girl next door love story. Amanda lived in the same apartment complex as Ryan's good friends, Shawn and Sheila. He was always there hanging out with them and Shawn invited her to join them one night. They all quickly became good friends and after months of Shawn trying to convince them to date, they finally realized they had feelings for each other and started dating. - That is a good friend right there.

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After that, they were inseparable. Amanda and Ryan love a night in or a day out. But not just any day out.. they like to sky dive any chance they get. The week is filled with taco Tuesdays, playing with the kids, and video games at night. The weekends are saved for adventures together and time bonding with each other.

teal bowtie for a toddler and teal bridesmaids gowns

When they started planning the wedding, they had a few ideas. They wanted a wedding that was relaxed and informal but still had the structure of a big wedding. They loved the jungle vibe and wanted to find a lovely terrace overlooking the famous Arenal Volcano. Then they wanted to party! Those were the top priorities - a view, family time, and fun!

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They also wanted it to feel like a vacation. So they planned a trip to Tamarindo first. The first day of their Costa Rica adventure they relaxed in Tamarindo beach excitedly awaiting their guests. The next day everyone all joined together for a catamaran cruise with lunch and opportunities to go snorkeling, paddle board, or just float in the crystal clear waters. Then we organized group transfer for everyone to ride to Arenal together. Once arriving to  La Fortuna and the beautiful Arenal National Park, everyone settled in nicely before going on a coffee tour, learning about the history of coffee and culture in Costa Rica.

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Once in Arenal, they picked a 2 great hotels for their guests. First, a really nice 5 star luxury boutique hotel that is widely recognized for providing premium luxury amenities and ultra-personalized service located on the outskirts of the Arenal Volcano. Then they also picked another amazing hotel positioned on a hillside across from Arenal Volcano, with stunning views from the beautiful property. This hotel was surrounded by forest and tropical gardens, but the hotel has Spanish architecture that offers a true taste of Costa Rican charm. They wanted their guests to have options! So we found the 2 hotels, that matched their budgets and needs.

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The wedding ceremony is outdoors on an intimate terrace overlooking the Volcano - just like they dreamed of! They incorporated their children into the ceremony in a bunch of really sweet ways. Their youngest son was the ring bearer and was pulled along in a little white wedding wagon. Both of their sons wore teal bowties just like daddy and teal suspenders to match - they were so cute! They had a sand mixing ceremony where both boys helped in the pouring of the sand. It was adorable.

volcano view intimate wedding ceremony
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The reception was covered in an open air restaurant. The tables were set with rattan chargers and bright florals that contrasted the wooden tables. The night was filled with toasts and memories from the couples love story and of course plenty of dancing!

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For the last day of their trip, all of the guests joined the couple to go on a spider monkey canyon adventure. They visited a canyon formed naturally in the Arenal volcano slopes. They went walking through clear water streams, mastering the extraordinary canyon walls using rappelling techniques, jumping across crystalline-water pools and natural rocky roads, in addition to a daring hanging bridge and ziplining to experience the forest canopy up close. They of course saw so many monkeys, birds, and wildlife on the tour. It was the perfect way to end the trip all together.

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Amanda and Ryan

Amanda + Ryan Wedding Featured on Destination I Do

By Jane | February 23, 2024

We are so excited to feature Amanda + Ryan on Destination I Do