Explore Las Catalinas

Explore Las Catalinas

This paradise location is the perfect wedding destination in Costa Rica. There are so many places to explore in Las Catalinas as your wedding weekend kicks off in style. Our planner, Kristina, described it perfectly – “Las Catalinas is a special mix of Mediterranean style and Costa Rican culture with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.”

This beach town feels uniquely private. As you wander the stone streets you will be in awe of the architecture of the villas surrounding you. Everything feels very modern because the town was only founded in 2006 and continues to grow every day! This community was based on the principles of new urbanism which focuses on sustainable, walkable neighborhoods. Get a taste of the slow lifestyle in this car-free and beautifully landscaped area. You can find it all here – a beach club, hotels, spa, restaurants, and more. The small-town feel encourages human interaction as you stroll to the beach through many open plazas.

About 990 acres of this town is a natural forest reserve. On a typical day, you will see numerous birds, monkeys, iguanas as you explore Las Catalinas. There are many places to hike, run, and bike with panoramic views of the ocean.


This private paradise is located in Guanacaste in northwest Costa Rica. It is on the coast of Playa Danta and Playa Dantita near Potrero. It is easily accessible to guests because it is only an hour from the airport in Liberia.

pool hotel in las catalinas

The boutique hotel Casa Chameleon is located on the hill overlooking the town. It won awards for the infinity pool that looks as if it spills right into the ocean. Stay in one of the hotels or choose from the array of beautiful villas on the property for an even more private experience.


This location won’t stay private for long as it has already attracted many star athletes and the world’s elite. Major travel publications such as Travel + Leisure, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal have raved about it. They say that the small-town vibe and scenic beauty of this area are unmatched. People travel here from all over the world which creates a cultural melting pot of like-minded individuals.

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