Helpful Items For Wedding Day Guests

On the wedding day – comfort is key. From bulk flip flops for tired feet to stylish neck fan headphones, we’ve curated a selection of helpful items to ensure everyone enjoys your wedding celebration in paradise to the fullest.

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Bulk Flip Flops for Wedding Guests
Neck Fan Headphones Style
Natural Bamboo Raffia Hand Fans
Oh Shit Kit
Wedding Tissue Packs For Guests
Cliganic 50 Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

On the big day, ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of your wedding guests is paramount. Especially if they are not used to a tropical climate like in Costa Rica. From dancing to mingling, providing helpful items can make all the difference and make your guests feel thought of.

Bulk flip flops for wedding guests offer relief for tired feet, allowing them to dance the night away with ease. For those needing a cool breeze, neck fan headphones provide both comfort and style, ensuring guests stay refreshed throughout the festivities. Natural bamboo raffia hand fans add a touch of elegance while keeping guests cool in warm weather. The “Oh Shit Kit” offers essential supplies for any unforeseen mishaps, while wedding tissue packs ensure guests can dab away happy tears. To ward off pesky bugs, mosquito repellent bracelets offer protection without sacrificing style, allowing guests to enjoy the celebration without interruption. With these thoughtful items, every guest can fully embrace the magic of the wedding day.

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