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Maggie Grace was born and raised in Idaho, USA. She never planned to be a photographer, in fact, she graduates from the University of Montana with a degree in Biology. However, she loves to document her travels and her life. After college, she tried to do some gigs by photographing weddings which made her realize that photography made her the happiest and her passion. By then, she decided to move to Boise and started her photography business.

Maggie is a wedding photographer for 10 years! She is the most excited about working with people who want to get married somewhere beautiful and throw a rad party with family and friends. Maggie believes that weddings should be about making the day feel as good as possible.

If you are a little nervous about taking your picture or having to look like a model, don’t be. I’m just a dork with huge glasses who wants to make you look like a rock star – Maggie Grace

For more wedding photography master piece, please visit Maggie’s page.

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Maggie Grace Photo


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