Wedding Dress Code for a Tropical Destination Wedding

Tropical destination weddings seamlessly blend natural sophistication with the easygoing charm of the tropics. When it comes to dress codes, our approach is to guide our couples + their guests first towards outfits that are comfortable. Then we encourage attire that mirrors the celebratory spirit of weddings.

The key is to embrace the vibrant and natural energy of the destination itself.  In the heart of Costa Rica, where the sun-kissed beaches meet lush greenery, our team plans destination weddings of all kinds that combine both luxury and a laid-back vibe. For our brides who choose this tropical haven for their special day, deciding on the perfect dress code becomes an essential part of the planning journey.

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Dress Codes Decoded:

Tropical Chic

When envisioning the dress code for your tropical celebration, think breezy elegance with a touch of sophistication. If the ceremony is held outside, imagine your guests wearing light and airy fabrics when warmed by sunlight and cooled with the tropical breeze. 

Ladies, think flowing maxi dresses or chic jumpsuits in bright, nature-inspired tones. Gentlemen, opt for linen suits or relaxed dress shirts paired with tailored trousers – comfort meets class.

Cocktail Attire

If the majority of your celebration will be held after the sun dips below the horizon, the dress code can shift. For the evening festivities, think a touch of glam infused with the relaxed vibes of Costa Rica’s Pura Vida culture. 

Ladies, consider cocktail dresses in rich, jewel tones that mirror the tropical sunset. Gents embrace the cooler atmosphere of the night in tailored suits that effortlessly balance refinement and comfort. 

Black Tie Optional

For those seeking an extra touch of opulence, our Black Tie Optional recommendation for the evening celebration adds a dash of glamour to the starlit affair. 

Ladies, indulge in floor-length gowns or chic cocktail dresses that exude timeless elegance. Gentlemen, seize the opportunity to don a classic black tie ensemble or opt for a sophisticated dark suit – a nod to the upscale ambiance. 

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TIPS: One thing to remember, it is hot and humid in Costa Rica. So pick fabrics that breathe or don’t stain with sweat. You can always layer with a cute shaw but it is better to stay away from long sleeves or tight clothing.

Whatever dress code you decide on for your destination wedding, we hope it captures the essence of your unique love story. We recommend starting by visualizing the ideal environment for your destination wedding + extending this spirit to every facet when planning your celebration, including the attire. 

Ashley Arnett

Ashley Arnett

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