Vista Hermosa Weddings

Vista Hermosa Estate is 11,000 square feet of space located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, offering a stunning blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities. Situated in the lush rainforests of the Manuel Antonio area, this estate provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding tropical landscapes.

The estate features spacious private suites and is equipped with modern conveniences like an infinity pool, gourmet kitchen, and open-air living spaces. Many visitors are drawn to Vista Hermosa for its serene atmosphere and proximity to Manuel Antonio National Park, one of Costa Rica’s most renowned natural reserves, known for its diverse wildlife and pristine beaches.

Visitors to Vista Hermosa can indulge in various activities such as hiking through the rainforest, spotting exotic wildlife like monkeys and sloths, or simply relaxing on the beach. The estate often provides personalized services such as private chefs, spa treatments, and guided tours to ensure guests a memorable and luxurious experience.

Overall, Vista Hermosa Estate offers a perfect blend of luxury and nature, making it a sought-after destination for travelers seeking an exclusive retreat in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise.