6 Costa Rica Weather Facts

Looking to book your trip to paradise? We answer your top questions with these 6 Costa Rica weather facts so you know what to expect before you book!

When is the Dry Season in Costa Rica?

The summer is the dry season in Costa Rica. It starts around mid-November and lasts into April. We recommend that this is the best time to have a wedding. The northern parts of the country are especially dry while the southern areas stay greener longer. In Guanacaste, the dry season lasts several weeks longer than the more southern regions, by starting earlier and ending later.

When is the Rainy Season in Costa Rica?

The Green Season runs from May to November.  During these months, the mornings are often sunny and the afternoons have passing showers, much like Florida weather where the rain passes through and breaks up the humidity. The highest period of rain for many parts of the country is in September and October in Costa Rica so we typically suggest avoiding these months for weddings.

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Does it Rain Every Day in Costa Rica?

Just because you visit Costa Rica in the rainy season does not mean it will rain every day of your trip. There are some days where it doesn’t rain at all, but these are rare. However, you can still have adventures! Sometimes a quick summer storm will pass in an hour. Often it is sunny in the mornings, so you can still enjoy the beach! Then cuddle up inside to fall asleep listening to the rain at night. If you are looking to travel to Costa Rica in the rainy season, we recommend traveling up in the more northern region, Guanacaste, to minimize the rain.

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Does Costa Rica Get Hurricanes?

You may be surprised to hear that a hurricane has never actually made direct landfall in Costa Rica. There have been a few big storms as effects of hurricane Otto and hurricane Melissa that have caused heavier rains on the Caribbean side.

Costa Rica Gets 12 Hours of Sunshine

This paradise takes on a new meaning to fun in the sun. Costa Rica has 12 hours of daylight (plus or minus 30 minutes) and 12 hours of night each day. Sunrise is approximately 5:30 am daily and sunset is around 6:00 pm. This is because Costa Rica is positioned roughly 10 degrees north of the equator, which makes the sunrise and sunset stay fairly consistent all-year-round!

There are 12 Climates Zones in Costa Rica

Depending on where you are in the country the climate can vary. Each of the 12 climates has different wind directions, humidity, and rain patterns. This is why Costa Rica is so beautiful! You can enjoy a sunny beach day, a windy cool hike, or explore the wet rainforest all in one visit. Considering how small the country is, it has one of the largest ranges of climates and climate zones in the world! That is why hiring an expert can really pay off, we can help you choose the best location with the best climate for your adventure.

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Kerry Charlotte

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