Costa Rica Coffee Facts

Did you know that today is International Coffee Day?! Coffee is such a huge part of Costa Rica, it’s culture, and it’s history. Today we are celebrating by sharing our top 10 Costa Rica coffee facts.. while sipping on a big cup this morning!

Costa Rica International Coffee day


Costa Rica Coffee beans first introduced in 1791


Costa Rica Coffee Export


Coffee spiked economic growth in Costa Rica

Our Top 10 Costa Rica Coffee Facts

  • The first coffee seed arrived in Costa Rica from Martinique Island in 1791.
  • The first type of coffee in Costa Rica was Typica, from the Arabica genre.
  • In 1819, the government of Costa Rica decided to boost the coffee industry as an opportunity for development. We were the first ones in Central America to do so!
  • In 1820, Costa Rica made the first exportation of 200 lbs of coffee to Panama.
  • The oxherd people were in charge of bringing coffee to the ports to export. It would take a long 5 days to travel from San José to Puntarenas.
  • An English merchant named William Lacheur took the first batch of Costa Rican coffee to Europe in 1841.
  • Between 1846-1890 Costa Rica only exported coffee and nothing else.
  • The government in Costa Rica gave away seeds to everyone who wanted to grow coffee and promoted the cultivation of coffee through land titling.
  • Costa Rica has 8 regions that specialize in coffee production and each region has a specific flavor.
  • A lot of the progress of Costa Rica happened thanks to coffee including the first press, the postal service, the road to Puntarenas, the first university, the railroad to the Atlantic and Pacific, and the National Theater!
  • Bonus fact: A very important meal for Costa Ricans is the Cafecito hour. Around 3 pm locals drink a cup of coffee accompanied by white bread or other types of sweet or savory pastries. – See more about this on our Local Costa Rican Food Blog.

It is easy to see why coffee is so essential in Costa Rica. It has helped this small country grow, expand, and become an international hub. When visiting Costa Rica, we highly recommend taking a tour. You will learn so much about the history of coffee, Costa Rica, and its people.

We have loved watching couples pay tribute to Costa Rica and its export by providing coffee in guest gifts, in welcome bags, and as table favors. We know the guests love it and we do too!

When we say we run on coffee.. we mean it! We are so grateful for this bean water for keeping us focused and awake on long wedding weekends. Do you know any random coffee facts? We would love to hear them! Share them with us in the comments below.

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