Lianna + James

Step into a world of tropical enchantment as we bring you along to the wedding of Lianna + James who tied the knot in the breathtaking beachtown of Papagayo, Costa Rica. This couple's journey began with a love for this very place, having spent eight months here during the Covid shutdown. Their connection to Costa Rica runs deep, making it the perfect backdrop for their special day. Lianna + James' Intimate Elegant Wedding in Papagayo was a memorable affair for everyone involved!

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Lianna + James are seekers of meaningful experiences – whether it's cherishing quality time, exploring new destinations, or savoring delectable cuisines. The proposal was anticipated but no less magical, taking place on Lianna's birthday amidst the enchanting shores of Santa Barbara.

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With a shared passion for discovering the world, their marriage represents the start of a new chapter filled with adventures, family, and the joy of togetherness. Their strong connection and compatibility are the cornerstones of their relationship, nurtured by countless memories, including their transformative time in Costa Rica.

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In December of 2022, at the Pacifico Beach Club, Lianna + James united in an intimate ceremony, enveloped by the Pacific Ocean's serenade. Loved ones gathered around to witness their love, embracing the lounge cocktail hour setup on the beach club's grassy expanse, eschewing traditional aisles for a more personal touch.

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The captivating charm of an all-white palette with subtle touches of gold will gracefully intertwine throughout the day, beautifully embodying their modern, minimalistic, and classic vision. The ceremony, enriched with the essence of their Christian faith, was nestled between golden structures adorned with white orchids and tropical greens.

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As the golden hour casts its spell, the couple exchanged vows, surrounded by the love and warmth of the Costa Rican sun. Both the ceremony and the reception were the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation, reflecting the couple's desires for a vibrant and unique celebration.

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With a drone capturing every mesmerizing angle and the Finesse Jazz Quartet serenading the air, the atmosphere was nothing short of magical. We especially loved the souvenirs specially made for the guests - a simple, yet elegant gold crusted sea shell with "Costa Rica 2022" scripted inside.

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Wedding Day Menu

Hors d’oeuvres: mini pastrami sandwiches, meat and chicken empanadas, coconut breaded shrimp and cassava chips with tuna tartar
Appetizer: Caesar Salad
Main course: Chicken Milanese au gratin with garlic spaghetti, ribeye grilled with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Dessert: Mini chocolate mousse, mini tres leche, mini passion fruit, and pistachio macarons, and chocolate-covered strawberries
Late-night food: Mini surf & turf skewers, dozen mini burgers, taquenos, and mini choripan

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An electrifying Fire Dance Performance ignited the evening's festivities, leading to a night of music, late-night delights, and even a cigar roller. Lianna + James' wedding was an embodiment of their love story – elegant, harmonious, and filled with life's finest joys. We were honored to craft this experience that mirrors their journey and celebrates their union in the heart of Costa Rica's splendor.

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