Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! We know since we are all on quarantine, it is not a “normal” holiday celebration today.. but it is a great time to focus on what the meaning of this holiday is about!

To us, Easter is about starting new to explore neverending possibilities. It is about discovery + transformation. It is about growth + new beginnings. It is about forgiveness + grace. Such beautiful principles to think of in this uneasy time.

It also kicks off our favorite season, Spring! When we start thinking of spring we think of tulips popping out through the snow + color starting to show all around us. We think of how the world never fails to keep changing + how beautiful that process is.

happy easter

The holidays are about spending time together. Taking a day to slow down + enjoy the simple moments in life with your closest loved one. We hope that is your focus today. We hope you all sit down around the table + share what this season has taught you.

Our holiday plans include an Easter egg hunt in the back yard followed by dressing up our dining room table with fresh flowers + nice dishes. Laughing + dancing in the kitchen with our hubby while we cook a nice ham roast. Calling family that is too far to touch to remind them how we never stop thinking of them. Then tonight before we go to bed, we will be counting our blessings from this season + we will make a list to look forward to the new chapters in life that are always coming.

happy easter kids down the asile children

We would like to say an extra Happy Easter to our couples +  vendors who we love so much. We think of each of you as a key part of the Mil Besos family.

We would love to hear about how you will be celebrating this Easter! Share with us below in the comments!

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Kerry Charlotte

Kerry Charlotte

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