Where the Ocean Meets the Jungle Rehearsal Dinner

This beachfront space was right where the ocean meets the jungle, a great spot for a rehearsal dinner. We dug out a spacious and intimate lounge area so everyone would relax in the sand in style. Then we decorated the space with boho decor. Take a peek!

The dress code was all white, extra points if you throw on a linen shirt to stay with the beach theme. The no-shoes rule was strict, okay this one is also not mandatory but they asked everyone to live a little and put your toes in the sand! Everyone showed up in their best chic beach party attire.

There were tropical spritzers and margaritas to sip as you walked along the shoreline. The exotic star fruit was a great garnish touch and we even heard a few guests say this was their first time trying star fruit! – We love star fruit and they are especially yummy in Costa Rica!

Of course, there were also hightop and low rise tables so people had the option to sit and mingle where they liked. Bright wildflowers were a great contrast to the natural colors of the shore and were placed on each table.

We hung the signature sign from a tree to finalize the mood and illuminated the whole space with string lights for the after sunset glow. The vibe was set!

All of the guests and our fab couple, Lexi + Sina, gathered on the beach to celebrate the big day about to come! They watched as the fire crackled on the log with the sound of waves crashing in the distance, really soaking in the Costa Rican sun.

All of the guests were eager to see one another and share what adventures they had done that day. Then everyone started buzzing explaining where they planned to explore for the rest of the week! People bonded over games like giant Jenga and time started passing way too quickly.

Before you knew it, it was time for dinner. Everyone nibbled on chips and guac to start. Then the main menu included mini tacos of grilled fish with mango salsa, chicken tacos with green salsa, as well as, beef and pineapple tacos. Locally caught shrimp skewers were delish and the choices of two healthy salads were offered. Elote salad with watermelon or cucumber with cotija cheese, which is a favorite in Mexico.

We swear on this night the sunset was really showing off. The sky lit up in vibrant reds and pinks that stayed long after the sun slipped behind the water. You could feel it in the air, this was the last day of one chapter and the start of a beautiful new one! Congrats Lexi + Sina.


See the full wedding here:

Sina + Lexi


Kerry Charlotte

Kerry Charlotte

My favorite thing about destination weddings is watching all of the guests explore a new place! I, myself, love learning more about this tropical paradise. I also really enjoy how every single event is completely different and really reflects the couple and their love story.

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