How to Choose The Perfect Tropical Wedding Dress

You’ve picked the location, you’ve chosen the venue, now it’s time to start shopping for the perfect tropical wedding dress – we’re here to help you navigate through this exciting journey! If you’re a tropical bride looking for guidelines on what to wear for your big day, here are some factors to consider when selecting your dream wedding ensenble:


The length of your dress can greatly influence your comfort and mobility on your big day. A shorter dress or one with a detachable skirt can be a great option for beach weddings. It allows you to move freely, dance, and even frolic in the ocean without worrying about damaging your dress.

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The material of your dress plays a crucial role in determining its weight and how it drapes on your body. Lightweight fabrics like chiffon and organza are excellent choices for a tropical setting. They are breathable and flow beautifully in the beach breeze. For example, if a ballgown style dress is your dream, that can still be possible even for a beach wedding. A dress made with quality construction and the right material can be surprisingly lightweight and comfortable.

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The fit of your dress should flatter your body shape and be comfortable enough to wear throughout the event. A well-fitted dress not only looks stunning but also boosts your confidence. Don’t hesitate to utilize the knowledge of shop consultants who can guide you on the right fit.


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Whether you prefer sleeves or sleeveless depends on your personal style and comfort. Sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses are popular choices for tropical weddings due to the warm climate. However, if you prefer long sleeves, consider materials that are breathable and comfortable.

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The weight of the dress is an important factor to consider, especially for destination weddings as you will be traveling with your dress in a garment bag. As mentioned earlier, the material of the dress plays a significant role in its weight. A well-constructed dress using high-quality materials can be lightweight without compromising on style.

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Consider dresses with features that add versatility such as detachable skirts or dresses that can bustle. These features allow you to change up your look between the ceremony and reception without needing to buy a second outfit and make it easier to move around during the celebration.

We hope these tips gave you some helpful insight in picking the perfect tropical wedding dress for your destination wedding! Comment below + tell us which type of dress you’ll wear for your big day.

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Ashley Arnett

Ashley Arnett

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