Incorporating Kites on Your Wedding Day

Have you ever thought about flying kites at your wedding? It is a definite way to add a unique and creative feature to your special day!

Kites symbolize happiness, loyalty, freedom, and it brings some of that childhood joy back to life as it flys in the sky. All of these feelings are ones that you will be experiencing at your wedding. Here is some inspiration on how you can incorporate kites into your wedding day!

Kite Wedding Day Ideas

• Allow guests to write messages to the newlyweds and tie them around the kite to be flown around the outside of the venue. The newlyweds will be able to keep the messages as a guestbook and remember the sentimental moment every time they read them!
• The newlyweds can write notes to each other, tie them around the kite and fly them together before reading each other’s letter.
• During the ceremony exit, have your guests hold kites while you walk through. You can even add string lights to the string of the kites – it will make for beautiful pictures!
• The newlyweds can design a kite with their names on it to be flown at the entrance of the wedding to allow guests to know where to go when they get to the venue. Adding personalization to a kite would bring in a unique element to the wedding and the newlyweds would get to take home with them after the wedding!
• Kites can also be used as decor to add a unique flair to your day. They can be used for decor around the wedding by using them in your table setting as placement tags or in your centerpiece. If you are having an outdoor wedding, they can be placed in the trees as a unique way to bring color into your wedding.

Incorporating kites into your wedding day is not seen often, but we think that it is a fun unique idea! It is a great idea for you to have something on your wedding day that you and your loved ones will look back on and remember, the special moments that were created in a unique way.

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