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It’s no secret that Costa Rica is a tropical paradise perfect for enjoying a getaway. Here you can experience year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, crystal clear water, and legendary surf on the coastline. As well as jungles full of exotic plants and animals as far as the eye can see. One part of Costa Rica that is lesser known is arguably the most important aspect of the country is the local community. Let us share why!

Costa Rican hard working locals

You may not find it at a resort or even out in the wilderness but the people who call this beautiful country home are truly the national treasure. Their focus on well-being, the warmth they radiate, and their appreciation for life, the Earth, and family are infectious. If you take any time at all to immerse yourself in the culture, you will quickly understand why they report the highest levels of life satisfaction of any society on Earth.

We always recommend a local guide for your stay. Locals can offer a unique perspective on many things that are native to the country. Locals know more about the wildlife, things to do, the local food, and the best places to explore that are untouched by tourists. Connecting with the locals gives you an authentic experience that you will never forget.

local costa ricans and their cultures

The locals in Costa Rica have diverse cultures that are super unique. There are multiple subcultures based on the many regions throughout the country. There are actually eight different indigenous groups throughout Costa Rica. Those indigenous groups are called Cabécares, Bribris, Ngäbe, Térrabas, Borucas, Huetares, Malekus, and Chorotegas. There are also indigenous migratory populations such as the Miskitos of Nicaragua and Ngäbes of Panama. Only 2.2% of the total Costa Rican population identify themselves as part of these indigenous groups. They live in 24 territories throughout the country and speak 6 indigenous languages in addition to spanish.

There is much to learn from the Costa Rican way of life. If only we could all focus more on “Pura Vida”, there’s no doubt the world would be an exponentially better place. This phrase is commonly used in Costa Rica and roughly translates to “pure life,” truly representing the soul of this wonderful country. We would love to hear about your experiences with locals in Costa Rica – leave us a comment below to connect!

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