Top 10 Things To Do Costa Rica

top things to do in Costa rica

Costa Rica is filled with places to explore and new things to see. There are countless activities to do in paradise but we have narrowed it down and here are our top 10 things to do in Costa Rica!

Rainforest Canopy Tour and Snorkeling

1. Go on a Rainforest Canopy Tour at a Zipline Adventure Park – Change perspective and zip through the rainforest. Explore new sights as you move from platform to platform on bridges and zip lines amongst the treetops. Test your balance on the course and your bravery on the Tarzan swing!

2. Go Snorkeling – Go down under to discover a whole new world. See a wide variety of colorful species including tropical fish, manta rays, crabs, and more swimming along the coral reef.

Waterfalls and Whitewater Rafting

3. Visit Waterfalls – Take a dip in one of Costa Rica’s famously beautiful waterfalls. Explore the rainforests that surround them and hike to the top for once-in-a-lifetime views.

4. Go Whitewater Rafting – Ride the rushing rapids on tropical rivers and explore unique ecosystems along the way. Costa Rica has some of the most thrilling rafting in the world!

hot springs and Cloudforest Night Walk

5. Soak in the Natural Hot Springs – Relax in paradise in geothermal mineral springs surrounded by lush green nature. Forget all your worries of home and escape in the natural spa.

6. Explore the Cloudforest on a Night Walk – Watch in amazement as the jungle comes alive at night with the sights and sounds of nocturnal creatures, night-blooming plants, and glowing mushrooms that can only be found in the unique climate of Costa Rica. A guide can lead and teach you about all of the wonders in the world-renowned national parks throughout the country.

Sunset Catamaran Sailing and Horseback Tour

7. Sunset Catamaran Cruise – We know this is one activity that you have to incorporate! Soak in the breeze and watch the vivid sunset on the water. We can recommend many sailing packages with catering and excursions rolled into one! The Catamaran Cruise is a particular favorite with wedding groups!

8. Take Horseback TourRide horseback down the beach or explore off of the beaten path. Connect with these majestic animals and the friendly locals who provide the tours.

surfing and kayaking in costa rica

9. Try Kayaking – Paddle the river or the sea by kayak to explore around Costa Rica by floating along the water. Visit distant shores untouched by tourists or park along the sandy shore to enjoy a drink on the beach.

10. Go Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding Costa Rica has the best surf spots in the world for beginners and some of those spots are the right next to excellent secret spots for experts!

The best part of all of these?  There are multiple options for ALL of them!  It’s true!  Each of these adventures is available in multiple parts of the country and we can help you craft an itinerary that includes destinations to experience your favorites.

There is something for everyone in Costa Rica. We know you will fill your visit with adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. Looking for more details? Send us a message or leave us a comment below. We can send over personalized brochures for you!

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Kerry Charlotte

Kerry Charlotte

My favorite thing about destination weddings is watching all of the guests explore a new place! I, myself, love learning more about this tropical paradise. I also really enjoy how every single event is completely different and really reflects the couple and their love story.

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