Top Ziplining Parks in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a sought-after vacation spot for travelers for many reasons! From the country’s volcanos, dense rainforests, and tropical beaches, Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful scenery in Central America. What better way is there to see all of these scenic views than from above? Ziplining is one of the top activities to do in Costa Rica- it was even invented here! Check out these top ziplining parks in Costa Rica and discover the country’s beauty!

Ziplining in Arenal Volcano National Park

Costa Rica’s most famous place to zipline is located at the Arenal Volcano National Park. Here, you will take an aerial tram up into the forest to the first platform where you will then find yourself gliding through the air over beautiful scenery. Arenal Volcano National Park is easily one of Costa Rica’s top destinations to visit because it is the most active Volcano in Costa Rica. Ziplining through the rainforest with views of the volcano will surely be an adventure of a lifetime!

Ziplining in Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park located in the Limón Province of Costa Rica is another notable location for ziplining through the Costa Rican rainforests. This excursion includes 11 platforms, seven cables, four suspension bridges, a Tarzan swing, and a scaling wall. This means that you will be able to cover much of the national park and have a memorable experience of soaring over the beautiful greenery and tropical waters below!

Ziplining in Monteverde

Another spectacular spot to discover Costa Rica from above is in Monteverde. Monteverde is known for having cloud forests rather than rainforests. In this area, you can find approximately 400 species of birds, 100 species of animals, and 2,500 species of plants- making an exciting ziplining adventure because you have the chance to see some of these exotic species from an aerial view! 

Costa Rica is full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and exploring the rainforest dense country at these top ziplining parks in Costa Rica! Looking for more things to do on your visit? Check out our Top Things To Do in Costa Rica Blog.

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