Best Surf Spots in Costa Rica

Best Surf Spots in Costa Rica

Made up of 300 beaches that cover over 800 miles of coastline, Costa Rica is a top destination for surfers. Costa Rica is notorious for good surfing conditions because of the dependable, high-quality waves year-round. But we can not forget the countries beautiful weather, white sand beaches, and tropical waters that make Costa Rica extra special! There are endless options when deciding where to surf in paradise, but we have picked a few of the best surf spots in Costa Rica that we think are extra special!

Surf Spots in Playa Dominical

For experienced surfers, Playa Dominical is paradise! Playa Dominical has some of the largest waves in the country- which is why we recommend experienced surfers to this beach. The unique wave breaks are attributed to the beach being located next to the mouth of the Baru River. If you are looking for a chill atmosphere after a day of surfing, Dominical is the surfing town for you. The laid-back town is perfect for a relaxing evening in which you can discover small supermarkets or go to a bar and restaurant to eat some great food or drink a cocktail!

Surf Spots in Playa Naranjo

A rarely crowded, but spectacular surfing spot is Witches Rock at Playa Naranjo. This location is super unique and an exciting place to catch a wave. Witches Rock is a giant boulder standing out from the water, which is why it is such a unique spot to surf. Even in the offseason, the surf breaks are very powerful- making this spot another that is best for experienced surfers. If you are a less experienced surfer and still want to surf near Witches Rock, you can surf closer to the beach that is right in front of it to catch easier waves while still being in a spectacular area!

Surf Spots in Tamarindo

Wanting to surf in Costa Rica but have less experience? A great beach for you is Playa Tamarindo. This beach is one of the most popular spots for beginners in Costa Rica. The wave breaks are smaller, with the occasional larger swells, making it a great place to learn. Nearby, you can find several surf camps and schools to help you get started in your surfing experience. When you are done surfing for the day, Tamarindo is a great beach town to explore and experience Costa Rican life!

Now that you know where some of our favorite surf spots in Costa Rica are, you are ready to take on the beautiful country and experience what the country is known for! Looking for more things to do in Costa Rica? Check out our Top Things To Do in Costa Rica Blog. 

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