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So here we are 🙂 Our new brand has come to life and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

We originally set out to rebrand our existing business (Our Costa Rica Wedding), but in the process of developing it we found that we have been serving two very different types of clients. This brought about our decision to offer two different types of planning so that we could better meet the needs of each of our clients.

Our original website is being streamlined to offer fixed packages, limited decisions, and an affordable focus. We receive many calls from couples who want a simple, easy planning experience, no muss no fuss, or are focused on the travel experience and want to be married along the way. Our Costa Rica Wedding is designed with these couples in mind and has been crafted to offer this exact experience – easy simplified planning with complete packages and a few options but not enough to be overwhelming. This is designed for elopements and small groups up to 20.

Mil Besos on the other hand, has been crafted to suit our couples that want a more fully customized event, created from scratch for each detail to suit each couples unique style and preferences. Mil Besos is for couples that want many options for each vendor category, fully custom design services, and dedicated Guest Concierge Services for their guests travel plans. This is designed for particularly unique elopements and groups up to 200.

We strongly believe in the direction of both brands and feel that by offering these as different services we are better meeting the needs of each of our clients.

We love the variety of couples and experiences that have come our way and couldn’t be more excited about the parties, the toasts, the laughter, and sweet moments ahead. To kick off our new brand and blog we will be featuring some of our 2016 events over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy these images and stories as much as we have enjoyed being a part of them!


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Meghan Cox

Meghan Cox

I love couples that create amazing lives and love stories. "How we met” stories are always going to be one of the first questions I ask any couple. Excited to celebrate those love stories here!

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