Tropical Wedding Guest Favors

Welcome to a world of thoughtful favors that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

From keeping beverages cool with the Beer Can Cooler to indulging in the rich aroma of Pura Vida Coffee Bags, our selection promises a delightful sensory experience. The vibrant Red Parrot Whistle adds a touch of fun, while the chic Pink Luggage Tags offer a stylish personal touch to their travels. Complete the ensemble with the eco-friendly and on-trend Bamboo Sunglasses. Each favor is a token of appreciation, ensuring your guests leave with not just memories, but also a touch of charm to carry with them.

Cheers to celebrating your special day with a blend of style and functionality!

Check out our suggestions: 

Beer Can Cooler
Pura Vida Coffee Bags
Red Parrot Whistle
Pink Luggage Tags
Bamboo Sunglasses

Delight your guests with a curated selection of thoughtful favors that transcend the ordinary.

Envision them savoring chilled beverages with the Beer Can Cooler, indulging in the rich aroma of Pura Vida Coffee Bags, and adding a playful note with the vibrant Red Parrot Whistle.

Our Pink Luggage Tags seamlessly combine style and functionality, while the eco-friendly Bamboo Sunglasses bring a touch of cool sophistication.

Each carefully chosen item is a testament to your appreciation, leaving guests with not just memories but tangible mementos of the special moments shared.

Here’s to ensuring every detail enhances the joy of your celebration.

Please note that the Red Parrot Whistle and Pura Vida Coffee Bags are not affiliated with any external links; they are items we procure at wholesale prices specifically for inclusion in welcome bags or as wedding favors, adding an extra touch of personalization to your event.

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