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unique guestbook ideas wedding

Guestbooks are a creative way of bringing home a souvenir from your wedding as well as getting your guests involved in the fun. We often see couples provide a cute notebook where guests write a note and sign their name, but we love to see when couples get creative with their guestbook! There are several ways to get creative with your wedding guestbook and we have compiled some of our favorite alternative guestbook ideas! 

Polaroid Photo Guestbook

Photos are a great way to keep the memory of your wedding day alive! Have your guests get behind the camera and snap a polaroid! There are many options when deciding what to do with these polaroids, one of our favorites is to have the guests glue the picture into a photobook and leave their signature under the photo. Via and George had a great idea of placing polaroids at each of the guest’s seats so they could write on those!

Advice Guestbook

Give the bride and groom your best advice! Have guests write down their advice to you as a married couple. Provide a jar and guests will leave their best advice for you to look back on when you need it most!

Sign a Kite Guestbook

Kites are a unique way to bring fun to your wedding day. Have guests write messages and sign kites that can be flown on your wedding day and after your marriage! Check out our other ideas on how to incorporate kites into your wedding day here!

Message in a Bottle Guestbook

Pick up glass bottles and little slips of paper for your guests to write a message and have them roll it up and slip it into the bottle. For long-lasting fun, place anniversary dates on the bottle and read the messages on the anniversary date assigned to that bottle!

Sign a Portrait Guestbook

Print a photo of you and you’re loved and leave plenty of white space for guests to sign their name and leave a short message. This idea even makes for a great home decor piece!

Voicemail Guestbook

There is one thing more special than a handwritten note from your loved ones, and that is hearing their voice! There are many companies that you can find a stylish, old fashion telephone in which your guests can leave a voicemail. These voicemails can be kept forever so you can always listen to those you love to wish you a happy wedding day and a happy future. You can also request that your videographer have a station set up where people can record themselves and compile a nice video to watch on your anniversary.

Bucket list Guestbook

As a newly wedded couple, there will be many new adventures in the future! Have your guest write down bucket list ideas for you and your significant other to complete after your wedding day.

Now that you know some of our favorite unique guestbook ideas, get creative and bring these ideas to life! Leave a comment below and let us know how you plan on getting creative with your wedding guestbook!

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Kerry Charlotte

Kerry Charlotte

My favorite thing about destination weddings is watching all of the guests explore a new place! I, myself, love learning more about this tropical paradise. I also really enjoy how every single event is completely different and really reflects the couple and their love story.

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