Wedding Bouquet Shapes and Styles

When choosing your perfect bouquet shape and style, there are many things to consider – like what kind of flowers you want to incorporate, the size of the bouquet, and how do they complement your wedding party’s bouquets! Let’s dive into all the details so you can pick the best floral design for you!

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Rounded Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Round: Round bouquets are the most classicly chic and traditional shape for your wedding bouquet. This spherical design typically has either one type of flower or a monochromatic palette. Often, to keep a chic look, florists wrap the stems in a ribbon to match the wedding’s color scheme or classic white silk ribbon.

Biedermeier: A similar round design is a Biedermeier design, where flowers are arranged in concentric circles, each circle comprised of a different type of flower, and often with the stems exposed. We don’t see this design often but when we do, we think it makes a statement!

Pomander: Another round design is the pomander bouquet. This design is a tightly arranged floral ball with a loop of decorative ribbon be carried similarly to a purse! It is a great option for flower girls because they are often easy to hold – plus it looks adorable! People also use this floral arrangement as décor, with flowers hanging from the trees or even shepherd hooks along the wedding aisle.

Posy: If you are looking for a more minimalist look with smaller bouquets, less greenery, and mostly petals of a similar color then posy bouquets are a beautiful classic option for you. It’s typically round in shape but not arranged tightly, the flowers are also frequently tied with ribbon but has a wider range of height and textures incorporated.

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Alternative Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Cascade: This bouquet style has been very popular over the past few years but it started becoming popular in the 1980s when Princess Diana carried one for her wedding. It is dramatic, eye-catching, and makes a statement. The stems are hidden and the flowers fall gracefully towards the floor – an excellent way to accentuate a dress with an amazing train! These bouquets typically feature flowing greenery or vines, which adds to the overall dramatic effect.

Freeform: We are big fans of this perfectly imperfect bouquet design. While most wedding bouquet shapes tend to be more vertical in nature, freeform bouquets are often more horizontal. They are loosely tied with ribbon, incorporate greenery, and a wide variety of flowers with varying stem lengths. They are purposefully asymmetrical and imbalanced and create a really diverse look.

Hand-tied: This look is meant to look organically gathered and is tied in a simpler way. Hand-tied bouquets can feature multiple types of florals and greenery and are a great way to incorporate multiple colors or styles of florals. The casual, loose look showcases flowers that appear freshly picked from the garden because this is based on the French tradition of gathering and tying flowers in a more organic arrangement of blossoms. This arrangement features the stems as a part of the overall look and can be held in one hand.

Single Flower Bouquet: The single flower wedding bouquet is a trendy and modern design that features a bunch of the same type of flowers gathered together. It is a contemporary, edgy, and effortlessly elegant style. This is a great option if you have a favorite flower or you’re interested in showcasing one specific flower while incorporating other flowers in your overall design.

While researching this blog we found a few of our favorite moments when we give the brides their bouquets for the first time! We had to include these!

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What bouquet style are you planning for your bouquet? Drop us a comment below!

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