Bloomberg’s Top 24 destinations to Visit in 2021

Costa Rica was listed second in Bloomberg’s list of 24 destinations to visit in 2021. This international news source made sure to think of everything when making this list – it is a must-read! Bloomberg highlighted places from every continent to contribute to the world’s movement towards sustainability. They focused on places that are committed to restoring the environment and communities within them. The countries featured have implemented good practices and safety for tourists during the pandemic while also providing a good value for your budget moving into this new year.

Certification for Sustainable Tourism

We thought it was so great when they lovingly titled our favorite slice of paradise –  Leave no trace in Costa Rica. They boasted about how Costa Rica was the first to earn the Certification for Sustainable Tourism in 1998 and the Earth-friendly hotels that are spread throughout Costa Rica are trendsetters for the world and the new criteria that are planned for upcoming years.

Low-Impact Building and Growth

Whether you are looking for an eco-chic bungalow, a luxurious treetop villa, or a boho beach resort – you can find hotels built with low-impact construction methods and sustainability in mind. Costa Rica has also announced that it is planning to protect 30% of its land under official conservation programs which have inspired other countries to do the same. You can also find a variety of local small businesses and activities to support families throughout the country.

Andaz Papagayo Wedding Venue

We are always so excited when the Pura Vida lifestyle gets recognized and celebrated. We know Costa Rica has so much to offer, delivering amazing experiences for travelers but also serving as a role model for other countries about sustainable tourism.  The pandemic impacted tourism in Costa Rica but the commitment to sustainability, safety, and growth has not wavered.

If you are looking for more information about places to visit in Costa Rica that are sustainable or local – we can give you all of the best tips! Leave us a comment below for more information.

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Kerry Charlotte

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