Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica

Costa Rica attracts couples from all over the world throughout the year and the day of love is no exception! More and more people come to paradise to celebrate Valentine’s day every year!

Valentine’s day in Costa Rica is actually called “El dia Del Amor y la Amistad” which translates to love and friendship day. In this Latin culture that means the holiday extends to friends and families not just couples, so everyone celebrates!

The weather on February 14th in Costa Rica is beautiful at both the beach and in the mountains! It is sunny and dry, often with a nice breeze. You can find a romantic experience in any of the 7 provinces and 82 cantons throughout the country to spend your holiday.

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica

  • Many museums, galleries, and cultural centers are open to the public with no admission fee on Valentine’s day if you are looking to explore and soak in the culture!
  • If you are looking for a more intimate experience, you can celebrate your love on a sunset catamaran cruise, relaxing in hot springs, or with a private sensual Latin dance class!
  • Book a spa day at any of the wonderful resorts from the jungle to the beach to really show your partner how much you appreciate them.

4 fun facts about Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica

• Every year hundreds of couples in Costa Rica choose to February 14th to marry!
• More than 10 million texts are sent to loved ones on this day in Costa Rica alone.
• Red roses are a fan favorite for Valentine’s, so order early as they can sell out quickly in Costa Rica.
• Valentine’s day in Costa Rica is one of the best times to see birds – since they are out and about in mating season.


Looking for more information and inspiration for your own Valentine’s day celebration in Costa Rica? Leave us a comment below and we can help you plan all the little details.

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Kerry Charlotte

Kerry Charlotte

My favorite thing about destination weddings is watching all of the guests explore a new place! I, myself, love learning more about this tropical paradise. I also really enjoy how every single event is completely different and really reflects the couple and their love story.

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