Elopement Guide in Costa Rica

So fun fact – we actually started our wedding planning company by focusing on elopements and intimate weddings! We love elopements because they feel so personal and relaxed. There is more freedom in the timeline to go on adventures and you can choose practically anywhere to say your vows! You can choose to have a super luxurious elopement or a more simple ceremony. You can invite just your family or choose to only have the two of you. The options are endless!

Where should I elope in Costa Rica?

There are countless places to elope outdoors in Costa Rica. Waterfalls, beaches, in the jungle, with a volcano view, or on a mountaintop with gorgeous views are a few favorites. We have even had a couple elope in a hot air balloon! The views in Costa Rica are incredible and there are plenty of places that are easy to access in wedding attire.

Elopement venues in Costa Rica

The great thing about an elopement is that you can use a big fancy venue or you can use a small boutique hotel. This means almost every venue is an option for you!

What do I need to bring to my elopement?

Your wedding attire and accessories, rings, and vows. You can also bring your own makeup if you plan on doing it yourself. If there are any special things from your love story that you would like to have photographed, you can always bring those too!

What other vendors do we need for an elopement?

Officiant – Decide before if you are planning to have a symbolic ceremony or a legal ceremony. Some couples choose to just exchange vows without an officiant, some choose to have a symbolic celebrant, and some choose to have an officiant to make it legal. It is up to you!

Makeup and Hair – Some brides choose to do their own makeup but we recommend getting a stylist. They are experienced with the best products to last throughout the day in Costa Rican climates and they know that will photograph well! This way you feel ultra pampered for your big day.

Florist – Some couples keep it simple with a bouquet and boutonniere, and others decide to decorate with an arch or floral mandala on the sand. This is completely up to you and your budget.

Photographer – Technically, you don’t have to have a photographer but we recommend it to capture the moment so you can relive it forever! Also, if you do not have a witness for the legal part of being married in Costa Rica a photographer can be your witness.

Videographer – We also like to recommend a videographer too! This is actually the #1 thing most couples say they wish they had invested in on the big day. This way you can share this special moment with your friends and family, or just rewatch it together for years to come.

Music – We think this is a lovely option. You can have a musician come to play your ceremony or at your dinner reception after! This just adds a nice little touch of romance to the day.

What do I need to bring for the legalities?

We will be asking you for copies of your passport. You can bring along your own witnesses or we can provide them for you. If you are divorced you will also need to sign a document attesting to your civil status.

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Kerry Charlotte

Kerry Charlotte

My favorite thing about destination weddings is watching all of the guests explore a new place! I, myself, love learning more about this tropical paradise. I also really enjoy how every single event is completely different and really reflects the couple and their love story.

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  1. Do you have any elopement officials available for a legal wedding for just Bride and Groom and 2 Guests Weekend of Sept 4th or 5th? We are staying in Dreams Resort, but they didn’t have any availability. So, somewhere as close to that location as possible.

    • Congratulations on your engagement! For your dates, you should plan for a covered location to be accessible as a backup in case of rain so I would suggest either selecting another date during your stay at Dreams or considering canceling your reservation and staying at a different property that does have availability for a ceremony. If you want help finding a different property, just send us an email and we can help! info@milbesoscostarica.com


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